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Yuan Pin Industrial Co., Ltd. 元品工業股份有限公司

Sprinkler | Nozzle | Hose | Connector | Oscillating sprinkler

Today is 20,Sep,2020
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About Us
Yaun Pin is one of the leading expert garden tools manufacture in Taiwan.
It is located at the mid-area in Taiwan.
Yuan Pin was establish in 1984. We have approx. 30-year experience in this field.
We produce water sprayer / nozzle / connector / hose / hose reel / sprinkler...etc.
All of these goods are exported to all around the world.
We develop and research newest items continusely for serving our customers and keep our information as new as possible.
Yuan Pin products are trustworth and believable.
We will be glad to assist our customers when they need. [Details]
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